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2 Tips to Cleaning Diamond Jewelry

diamond jewelry tips

#1- There are some pretty powerful cleaning devices at a jewelry store, such as a steam cleaner and an ultrasonic cleaner which really do a very effective job when cleaning diamond jewelry. And even with these powerful devices it is still difficult in cleaning some diamond jewelry.

I’ve had customers come in with diamond jewelry that was absolutely “dead looking” because there was so much crud packed in under their diamond that is was hard to tell that it was actually a diamond.

The customer was pleasantly surprised to see their diamond jewelry brought back to life once all of that grease, hair spray, dirt, dried paint, makeup, clay, and sludge had been removed and their diamonds were allowed to sparkle once again.

Cleaning diamond jewelry is not that difficult…. doing it regularly along with not wearing your diamond jewelry while gardening, painting, and making pottery, will bring you a lot of enjoyment from looking at your diamond jewelry!

#2- As the final part of the diamond cutting process; diamonds are boiled in acid so it is doubtful that you will ever encounter a cleaning solution that could harm your diamonds while cleaning diamond jewelry.

There are cleaning solutions that can actually damage the mounting, or the ring itself. Chlorine bleach can cause discoloration and will damage the gold alloy metal that holds the diamonds in place. Never, ever soak your jewelry in chlorine bleach!

Do not wear your diamond jewelry while in the swimming pool, hot tub, or while using household cleaners that contain bleach! You could lose your diamond…. I’ve seen it happen before.

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