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Holiday Jewelry Trends for Handmade Jewelry Designers

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The holiday season is upon us, bringing with it lots of parties and social activities. It’s a great time for handmade jewelry sales. Although you don’t want to necessarily alter your jewelry theme based on trends, it’s good to be aware of them so you can make subtle modifications that may increase your sales. Here’s an article I wrote on the best of the 2007-2008 holiday jewelry trends:

Go for the gold.

This holiday season will bring jewelry in a variety of gold tones and shades as well as real gold for those who don’t mind spending a little more. One inexpensive alternative to solid gold is gold vermeil.

Gold vermeil is sterling silver which has been plated with a gold covering, giving the look of gold at a much more affordable price. Look for gold shades in beads and crystals mixed with metallic gold pieces in both matte and shiny finishes.

Black is classic.

Black never seems to go out of style and it’s here stronger than ever for the upcoming holiday season. This year it’ll be tastefully mixed with shades of white, cream, and grey. Think of strands of faceted black crystal beads intermixed with fresh water pearls and smoky quartz. .For holiday evenings, roll out all the stops with large, black, faceted crystal beads to make that little black dress a real knock out.

Don’t forget about color.

Even though black is strong for the 2007 holidays season, colors are warming up with shades of red, pumpkin, and deep mustard yellow making a statement.. These shades can be seen intermixed with the blacks, greys, and whites for a unique holiday look.

Earrings will dazzle the eye.

Earrings will dazzle this holiday season with lavish designs dripping with crystals and gemstones. Shapes will run the gamut from long linear drops to chandelier style, often with clusters of beads and other motifs. Large hoops will be popular with a variety of embellishments added to make them more eye catching. The 2007-2008 holiday season is a great time to experiment with big, bold, dazzling earrings.

Decorate your wrists.

This holiday season, wrists will be adorned with bracelets of all types with the cuff bracelet assuming the spotlight. You’ll find cuff bracelets in a variety of metals, frequently adorned with ornate, vintage looking motifs. Also in the spotlight will be chain and wire mesh bracelets which coordinate will nicely with holiday fashions.

The pendant makes the necklace.

The 2007-2008 holiday season just might be the year of the pendant. Pendants will be big and bold and will run the full gamut in style and size. Expect to see intricately carved semiprecious stone pendants, large, textured metal pendants, chunky clusters of semiprecious stones, as well as cross pendants adorned with stones.

These can be strung on something as simple as a leather cord or added to a long chain necklace for a bold and eclectic look. A unique pendant can really transform the look of holiday evening wear.

Don’t forget your neck.

Necklaces lengths will be diverse and will run the gamut from choker length to ultra long. The multilayered look will be popular several strands of diverse beads held together by a bold clasp. Beads will run the range from sparkling faceted crystals, earthy semiprecious stone beads, to natural wooden beads in unusual shapes. Expect to see beads with interesting textures reminiscent of the primitive, tribal art.

This is the year to be bold and outrageous with your jewelry design choices. You can really jazz up last year’s cocktail dress with the right jewelry selections. Have fun experimenting!

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