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Why Not Host a Custom Earring Party?

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Do you currently market your jewelry through home parties? If so, here’s a variation that can be both fun and profitable. Why not have a custom earring party?

To host a custom earring party, gather together a selection of beautiful beads of all types including some pretty lampwork glass beads, semiprecious beads, sterling silver and gold filled beads. Place the beads into a large jewelry tray with partitions. Prepare a case with some head pins, findings, ear posts, and the tools you need to make earrings.

When your guests arrive, you would lay out your tray filled with beads as well as your ear posts and findings. Each person would receive several head pins to allow them to arrange beads on the pin to design a pair of earrings that pleases them. They would then pick out an ear post or ear wire to complement their earring design.

It’s now a simple and relatively quick task for you to snip the excess wire, make the loop, and attach the headpin to the earring finding. Voila! Your customer’s custom earrings are complete. You can have a set price for each bead, head pin, and finding used so you’ll know how much to charge the customer.

You could bring along a photo album of simple, but pretty bead earrings designs to show people some options. You don’t want the earring designs to be too complicated since you need to be able to put them together quickly.

Imagine the fun your guests will have dreaming up new earrings designs and trying on and comparing their new creations! It’s quite likely guests will end up making more than one pair of earrings each once they find out how fun and easy it is. This means more profit for you. Plus, your guests will have so much fun, they’ll all want to host a custom earring party with you in the future.

As each person leaves the party wearing their new earrings, be sure to hand out business cards and remind them that you can make custom necklaces to match their beautiful new earrings.

Does this idea sound like it would work for you? Why not give it a try?

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